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The Science Behind a Cold Pack

This science project explores endothermic reactions by comparing the temperature change that results from various chemicals added to water. How do cold packs work In chemistry, what happens during ...

The Spinning Sprinkler

Newton’s third law is abstract, and can be hard for people to understand without seeing it visually. This science project demonstrates how each action (the movement of the water out of the carton) has ...

Burning Candles for Science!

If scientists are presented with a metal, they can look at its various properties in order to identify it. But can they do the same thing with gases, which cannot be seen?This project demonstrates how ...

Heating Chemical Reactions

Heat and cold can strongly affect the speed of a chemical reaction. This science project will determine the effect heat has on the reaction between a seltzer tablet and a glass of water.It is an educa ...

Bad Vibrations: How Do Webs Help Spiders Get Prey?

Spiders react to a vibration in their web by approaching the area to see whether a prey has been caught. This science project tests whether the frequency with which the object hits the web affects how ...

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