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Didactalia: material educativo > Línguas estrangeiras

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Adjective and Noun Dominoes (Teach-This)

Here is a fun matching game for elementary students to practice adjective-noun combinations. The class is split into pairs. Each pair is then given a set of dominoes. Students take it in turns to put ...

Resource Compilation (for all levels)

Directorio de recursos educativos de todo tipo y para todos los niveles de inglés.

Writing with Noun Clauses

Clauses add interest to writing. In this worksheet your student will practice writing sentences with noun clauses with the function indicated. It’s perfect for 7th grade Common Core Standards for Lang ...

Writing with Participles

Now it’s time to use those participles in a sentence! In this worksheet your student is given a participle and asked to create a sentence using it correctly. It’s compatible with Common Core Standards ...

Writing with Infinitives

Infinitives can be used in a sentence as a noun, an adjective or an adverb. In this worksheet your student is given an infinitive and a specific role it should play in the sentence. He’ll write a sent ...

Writing with Gerunds

Identifying gerunds is one thing; writing with them is another! This worksheet gives your student a gerund and asks her to write a sentence using it in a specific way. It’s perfect for 8th grade Commo ...

Writing Practice: Using Commas

Consider this the combination comma practice! Instead of rewriting sentences, your student is asked to write sentences based on different criteria. All, of course, require using a comma for different ...

Write a Sentence with an Object Complement

An object complement is a noun or adjective that follows and modifies or renames a direct object. Students write a sentence with an object complement for each of the guidelines. The activity is design ...

Write a Sentence with a Subject Complement

In this activity, students write sentences using subject complements. The activity is designed for 6th – 8th grade but can be used in other grades as appropriate.It is an educational content by K12 Re ...

Verbs: The Interrogative and Conditional Moods

Practice using the interrogative and conditional moods properly with this worksheet on verbs. Students will read through a list of sentences and decide which mood the sentence is written in. This lear ...

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