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Improving Memory

In this experiment we will test the various techniques to improve memory. Subjects will take a memory test before and after learning a memorization technique to examine which method is the most effect ...

Reading Aloud And Memory

It's often said that reading aloud helps us better remember what we've read, but evidence in support of this theory is scarce. This project involves a simple, well-controlled scientific experiment to ...

Is It Easier To Memorize Words With Fewer Syllables?

Many people have trouble with memorization.Some use mnemonic devices in order to help them memorize long words.Others may find longer words easier to memorize, since if you remember the first syllable ...

Music and Memory

Create an experiment that tests the correlation between listening to music and memorization. The goals of this project are: To determine whether or not music affects short-term memory. T ...

How Does Color Affect Memory?

Color is used in our daily lives in order to send signals—red for danger, yellow for caution, etc. Banks often use the color blue to give people a reassuring sensation. Colors can clearly evoke certai ...

Music, Tempo and Language Acquisition: Does the Speed of Music Affect the Ability to Retain New Language?

Music is often used as a study aid by students. Music affects the psyche as well, according to pitch, passages and tempo. This projects addresses only tempo, and whether faster or slower music works b ...

Teaching Worms

Hipervinculo Biologica

Teaching Worms

Find out whether a worm can learn to navigate a simple mazeThe purpose of this experiment is to attempt to train a worm to complete a simple maze in order to find out if worms can learn and remember.I ...

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