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Foggy Fun

The goal of this project is to create radiation fog to see how it forms and how environmental elements affect it. Studying fog in a bottle provides opportunities to test hypotheses such as whether lig ...

Too Hot To Handle

Students will discover how many hot peppers humans can endure in their tomato soup before they feel discomfort.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, ...

My Black Shirt Is A Heater!

The objective of this science fair project idea is to research how your choice of clothing affect how hot or cool you feel during the day.It is an educational content by clicking on t ...

Does Hot Water Boil Faster Than Cold?

There are many old wives' tales. One of them is that “cold water boils faster than hot water.” However, a lot of people think it is the other way around, which should be common sense. In this experime ...

Hot and Col? Basic

Hipervinculo Fisica

Hot and Col? Basic

Find out how chemical reactions change the temperature of cold and hot packs that are used to treat sprains and other injuries.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to access some of the C ...


Unidad Malted para el desarrollo de la competencia lingüística en inglés. Se trabajan los contenidos de manera muy atractiva y motivadora gracias a elementos audiovisuales adaptados al alumnado de 5º ...

El tiempo. 2º Primaria - Inglés (Testeando)

Expresiones sobre el tiempo. (10 preguntas)

Se trata de un test interactivo de Testeando, un juego educativo pensado para estudiantes con miles de preguntas tipo trivial.

How is the weather today?

An energetic song and animation for young children about the weather. It includes simple adjectives in each verse as well as the different types of weather.

Es un recurso de Happy Sam English

Hot Potatoes, dirixido para docentes de nivel medio

"Materiais para a formación de docentes de nivel medio sobre a elaboración de actividades co software educativo Hot Potatoes. Contido: Índice, manual, presentación, programación, actividades, animació ...

Hot Potatoes, dirigigo a docentes de nivel básico

"Materiales de formación dirigido a docentes de nivel básico para conocer las posibilidades didácticas de Hot Potatoes. " Fuente: Proyecto AgregaHot Potatoes, dirigigo a docentes de nivel básico es ...

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