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Gender Stereotype: Past & Still Present?

This study will examine the perceptions of students of various ages on gender stereotypes.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirecte ...

The French Revolution: Olimpia de Gouges

We will examine the concept of citizenship which arose from the French Revolution.

The development of votes for women

We will examine the development of voting rights for women in the constitutions of western countries.

Clara Campoamor: one woman, one vote

We will find out about the importance of Clara Campoamor, and the arguments which arose during the Second Republic.

We will examine the concept of citizenship which arose from the French Revolution.


This Learning Sequence aims to help learners to understand the various elements involved in comparisons, both of quantity and quality, in order to build phrases, and to understand and use comparatives ...

Women and the vote

The struggle to achieve voting rights for women, from the French revolution, with Olimpia de Gouges, through the Suffragette movement. We will find out about important women in the struggle for voting ...

Dream factoy

In this unit, we will know the Human Right to Work, and will know different persons, who in spite of the difficulties have managed, thanks to his effort to have a decent job

I am the other person

"Teaching sequence for recognising situations of discrimination. The five component teaching units simulate cases which foster pupil participation in integration projects" Fuente: Proyecto A ...

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