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A march on London: being a tale of Wat Tyler's rising (International Children's Digital Library)

Young Edgar Ormskirk joins his fellow peasants in England to rise up against the unfair lords and the taxes they press upon them.

It is an ebook from The International Children's Digital Library, a pro ...

The tiger of Mysore: a story of the war with Tipoo Saib (International Children's Digital Library)

Hearing that his father is being held captive by the fierce Indian ruler Tippoo Saib, young Dick Holland joins the British army and sets off to find him.

It is an ebook from The International Children' ...

The lion of the North: A tale of the times of Gustavus Adolphus and the Wars of Religion (International Children's Digital Library)

Malcolme Graeme, a young Scot, joins Swedish king Gustav Adolph, the "Lion of the North," in supporting German Lutherans in their fight against the Holy Roman Empire.

It is an ebook from The Internatio ...

No surrender: a tale of the rising in La Vendee (International Children's Digital Library)

Young Leigh Stansfield forms a company of lads to act as scouts for the Vendean peasants in their uprising against the French Republic. As a result, he is caught up in the thick of this dramatic conf ...

The lion in St. Mark: a story of Venice in the fourteenth century (International Children's Digital Library)

Young Francis Hammond leaves England for Venice. There, he helps defend the republic from its enemies.

It is an ebook from The International Children's Digital Library, a project of the ICDL Foundatio ...

Through three campaigns: a story of Chitral, Tirah, and Ashanti (International Children's Digital Library)

After the death of his father leaves him an orphan, young Lisle Bullen joins the British Army and its campaign in both Chitral and Tirah in India. Promoted for his acts of courage, he eventually beco ...

Wulf the Saxon: A story of the Norman Conquest (International Children's Digital Library)

Wulf of Steyning is a young Saxon thane who falls into the retinue of Earl Harold. After Edward the Confessor dies, Harold becomes King of England, and Wulf joins him in heroic fighting against the i ...

A roving commission (International Children's Digital Library)

As a young midshipman in the British navy, Nat Glover finds himself in Haiti, caught in the struggle between the native Haitians and the French colonialists for control of the island.

It is an ebook fr ...

Through Russian snows a story of Napoleon's retreat from Moscow (International Children's Digital Library)

Young Englishman Julian Wyatt is taken prisoner by the French for smuggling. Tired of prison life, he enlists in the French army and joins Napoleon's forces in their Russian campaign.

It is an ebook f ...

With Lee in Virginia: a story of the American Civil War (International Children's Digital Library)

A young Virginia planter serves with the Union army in its attempt to enter Richmond and take the capital city from the Confederates.

It is an ebook from The International Children's Digital Library, a ...

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