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Cyrano de Bergerac: Poetic Speech

Practice reading comprehension with this fun “Cyrano de Bergerac: Poetic Speech” worksheet. Students will read the passage provided in the activity and answer a series of questions about the excerpt u ...

Sherlock Holmes: Prose to Drama

Learn how to rewrite prose as a play with “Sherlock Holmes: Prose to Drama”. Students will read a passage from Sherlock Holmes and use their creativity to rewrite the passage as a play, using only dia ...

Shakespeare: Understanding the Sonnet

Better understand sonnets using this worksheet on one of Shakespeare’s works. Students will read through “Sonnet 130” by William Shakespeare, determine the rhyme scheme, and answer questions about the ...

Romeo and Juliet: Sword Fight

“Romeo and Juliet: Sword Fight” is great practice for further developing reading comprehension skills. Students will be asked to read an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet, followed by answering questions ...

Pygmalion: Henry and Eliza

Students will work on their reading comprehension skills with this “Pygmalion: Henry and Eliza” worksheet. They will be asked to read a dialogue and answer questions about the two main characters. Thi ...

Drama Vocabulary Match

In this Drama Vocabulary Match worksheet, students will work to match the vocabulary word with its listed definition. This is a fun way to teach vocabulary in the classroom and at home. “Drama Vocabul ...

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