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Energy transfer (II)

The following visual studies the transformation of energy: the potential energy of a body can be transformed into kinetic energy in another. Some energies are transformed into others of a different ty ...

Work of friction

The forces of friction, which oppose displacement, also carry out work when a body is moving. The work of friction is converted into heat. The greater the force of friction, the more force must be exe ...

Energy sources

The educational resource shows information about the energy sources: energy sources are the resources which exist in nature from which human beings can obtain energy which they can use for their activ ...

Wind energy

The educational resource shows information about the concept windy energy and its advantages and its disadvantages.

Thermal energy

The educational resource shows information about the concept of thermal energy: thermal energy is due to the movement of the particles which make up matter. The particles of a body at a low temperatur ...

What is work? (II)

Work is one of the ways of transmitting energy between bodies. The following visual will help you understand the concept of work by modifying the force and the angle which it forms with the horizontal ...

The secondary sector in the Community: industry, mining, raw materials and energy

Learning about the types of industry in the Community and their economic profitability.

Kinetic energy

The educational resource shows information about the kinetic energy: the kinetic energy of an object is its capacity to change its environment, because it is moving. How far will two balls with differ ...

Potential energy

The educational resource shows a visual about the potential energy: two balls are on the point of falling: they possess gravitational potential energy. When they reach the snow they will modify their ...

What is energy?

A picture shows some transformations of energy. The energy from the sun passes to plants, to oil, to coal, to animals and to human beings; they take advantage of it by using the energy from oil, anima ...

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