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The energy of material systems

The educational resource shows how the energy is the capacity to produce changes in the environment by doing work or transferring heat. This means that when a body transfers heat or does work, its ene ...

The changing Earth

The educational resource shows a Flash animation about the greenhouse effect The Earth is an open material system, because it interchanges matter and energy with outer space.

Energy sources

The educational resource shows information about the energy sources: energy sources are the resources which exist in nature from which human beings can obtain energy which they can use for their activ ...

Wind energy

The educational resource shows information about the concept windy energy and its advantages and its disadvantages.

Thermal energy

The educational resource shows information about the concept of thermal energy: thermal energy is due to the movement of the particles which make up matter. The particles of a body at a low temperatur ...

Conservation of energy (II)

The principle of conservation of energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is just transformed from some types of energy into others. The following visual will help you to underst ...

Conservation of energy (I)

The theorem of conservation of mechanical energy states that the work carried out on a body is invested exactly in increasing some type of energy. When a there are only conservative forces in a system ...

What is energy?

A picture shows some transformations of energy. The energy from the sun passes to plants, to oil, to coal, to animals and to human beings; they take advantage of it by using the energy from oil, anima ...

Electrical energy

Electrical energy is caused by the movement of the electric charges inside conductors. This energy fundamentally produces 3 types of effects: luminous, thermal and magnetic.The following visual tries ...

Mechanical energy

Mechanical energy is what is produced by mechanical type forces, like elastic and gravitational forces.The following three pictures show situations involving mechanical energy.

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