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Twiddla is a free, no-setup, web-based meeting playground. Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Voice and Text chat too!

Twiddla is a very intuitive collaborative online whiteboard and, therefore, easy to use. It is possible to use it without registering. Now, if you prefer your blackboard or room to be private, you will have to do it.

What can we do:

  • navigate together: all participants in the room see the same web page in real time, draw with a brush, enter shapes, text or upload our own images to add them.
  • converse with the rest of the people connected simultaneously in the room: through an integrated chat system or via voice communications.

Carte conceptuelle: Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web

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Fecha publicación: 9.8.2010

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