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Vegetables - fruit  (Visual Dictionary)

Vegetables - fruit: fleshy fruit, generally with seeds in its center. See more

Vegetables - fruit - Visual Dictionary - Copyright © 2005-2016 - All rights reserved.

Food words. Alimentos en inglés (Smile And Learn)

Una serie de imágenes de Smile and Learn para aprender los nombres de los alimentos en inglés.

Water Content in Fruits and Vegetables

In varying degrees, the fruit and vegetables that we eat contain water. While high water content is loosely associated with higher values of macronutrients such as protein, it is not necessarily assoc ...

Do Green Bags Really Work to Preserve Food?

Determine if Green Bags are the most effective at protecting and preserving fruits, vegetables and breads.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you w ...

Preserving Foods

What is the most effective method of preserving food? Using three types of containers we will test which one preserves fruits and vegetables the longest.It is an educational content by ...

Sink or Swim: Calculating Density of Fruits and Vegetables

Have you ever gone bobbing for apples? Why is it that some fruits and vegetables float, while others sink to the bottom? In this experiment, you’ll be experimenting with different types of fruits and ...

Discovering and Sorting Seeds in Fruits and Vegetables

In this project young children discover, identify, and sort seeds from a variety of fruits and vegetables. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables (include fruits/vegetables from the same family to h ...

“FIT” Specialty Fruit/Veggie Wash vs. Plain Water

In this experiment, we will discover the effectiveness of “FIT” Fruit/Veggie Wash vs. plain water. Should you pay more for cleaner fruits/vegetables?It is an educational content by cl ...

The Growth Rate Of Pre-packaged Seeds vs. Seeds From Directly Inside the Fruit or Vegetable

Find out whether pre-packaged seeds grow at the same rate as seeds taken from directly inside fruits or vegetables.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resour ...

A Kid's Worst Nightmar? At grade

Describes why world record giant vegetables are grown in Alaska, the land of the midnight sun.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to access some of the CK-12 contents you must be logged ...

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