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Ripening and Vitamin C

Using a starch-iodine solution, students will measure the amount of vitamin C in ripe, half-ripe and unripe oranges. They will learn about the instability of vitamin C.It is an educational content by ...

Rotting Fruit! Which Fruits Rot the Fastest, the Slowest? How do We Explain the Differences?

The purpose of this project is to determine which of the following fruits, bananas, kiwis, apples, oranges or Clementine’s rot the fastest.It is an educational content by clicking on ...

Ripening Fruit

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Ripening Fruit

Ripening is the process by which fruits become tastier. Ripening softens and sweetens the fruit to make it more palatable. Some fruits continue ripening after being picked, while other fruits do not. ...

Ripening Tomatoes

In this science project, you will examine how to stop the ripening process of a tomato, as well as the effect that this has on the plant’s reproductive capabilities.It is an educational content by edu ...

Does a Dark Fridge Prevent Food from Spoiling?

This project determines whether the darkness of a closed refrigerator helps prevent food from spoiling.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will ...

Ripening Avocados

Have your parents ever brought back some avocados from the grocery store that were rock hard? It’s not worth waiting a whole week just to make sure your delicious avocados ripen! In this science exper ...

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