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Inglés. EvAU 2019

En esta publicación podrás consultar algunos recursos de apoyo para preparar el examen de inglés de la EvAU 2019.

Reading, writting, spelling and grammar

Comprehension Aqu&iac ...

Las series que recomiendan los profesores de inglés, según tu nivel. Verne EL PAÍS

Según un estudio publicado el pasado diciembre en Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, los países de habla no inglesa en los que las series y programas de televisi&oa ...


Do you enjoy watching videogames? It is so funny to watch a videogame and a good way to practice your listening. Here you have a funny one to watch about Fortnite.

Hungry? Dessert time!

If you're hungy and you're a sweet teeth, pay attention. There is a recipe to make an Oreo Cake. Delicious!

Ingredients For the Chocolate Cake (will make two 8"/9" cakes) &bull ...

Varieties of English: UK vs. US

There are 12 examples of the differences between UK and US English.


Past simple in songs

One can review the past simple with Justin Bieber's song Love Yourself. Let's sing!

For all the times that you rain on my parade And all the clubs you get in using my name You think you br ...

Kahoot! - Which quote is gramatically correct?

This game is meant to review grammar. There are some quotes from famous movies but only one of them is gramatically correct. Can you find it?

The Role of the Free Press Newspapers and magazines play an important role in today’s society and they are capable of influencing people’s lives in many ways. However, does the free press ...

Bonfire night

In the following video, you will hear a story about Bonfire night in the UK. Please listen to it and get some details we will discuss them later on in class.

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