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Nuevos textos breves para trabajar la comprensión lectora

El objetivo de la comprensión lectora es interpretar lo que quiere transmitir el texto y el propósito del autor. Desafortunadamente, son muchos los alumnos que sufren graves carencias en ...

Crea, programa y desarrolla tus ideas con Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine te conecta con las herramientas y el conocimiento que necesitas para crear, programar y desarrollar tus ideas.Tanto si deseas crear un juego, diseñar una aplicación o l ...

Hair Olympics

Hipervinculo Biology

Hair Olympics

Our collective fascination with hair is focused mainly on hair growth, hair types and hair care. Hair is important to us, as evidenced by the millions of hair care products on the market. In this proj ...

Wrinkle Removal Products

Test a select number of products which are claimed to reduce wrinkles and determine which is the most effective in reducing the number of wrinkles.It is an educational content by clic ...


Evaporation is the process of water transferring from a liquid to a gas and is the primary method for water to move into the atmosphere during the water cycle. Scientists believe that the earth’s ocea ...

Rocks Made of Air

Hipervinculo Geology

Rocks Made of Air

Pores are small openings that allow air and moisture to permeate the surface of a material. Porosity is the measure of these voids relative to the solid structure. Porosity is a significant considerat ...

Ebay Science

Perform a series of ebay searches to uncover popular trends.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirected to the content. If you want ...

Mach Bands

The goals of this project are: To demystify the cause of the appearance of an “aura.” To encourage critical thinking.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this reso ...


Hipervinculo Social Sciences


This experiment aims to examine adult IQ test scores. The goals of this project are: To determine whether or not adults can significantly improve their scores on standardized adult IQ tests. ...

Music and Memory

Create an experiment that tests the correlation between listening to music and memorization. The goals of this project are: To determine whether or not music affects short-term memory. T ...

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