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Adjective and Noun Dominoes (Teach-This)

Here is a fun matching game for elementary students to practice adjective-noun combinations. The class is split into pairs. Each pair is then given a set of dominoes. Students take it in turns to put ...

Resource Compilation (for all levels)

Directorio de recursos educativos de todo tipo y para todos los niveles de inglés.


Writing with Interjections

This worksheet takes interjections to the next level. Now your student is asked to compose original sentences using a word bank. It’s compatible with 5th garde Common Core Standards for Language, alth ...

Writing Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases are an important part of a sentence’s structure. In this worksheet your student will get some good practice adding these to a list of sentences. It’s compatible with 4th grade Co ...

Which Is It? Subordinating or Coordinating Conjunctions?

This worksheet features subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. Your student is asked to identify the conjunction and determine which type it is. It’s a helpful exercise for 5th grade Common Core ...

Where is the Preposition?

On this preposition worksheet, students read the sentences and then choose the piece of the sentence which contains the preposition (from four options.) There are seven sentences / questions. This wor ...

What is an Appositive?

Appositives are a noun or noun phrase that identifies or give more information about a noun in a sentence. Your student can learn about this often used and often misunderstood part of speech in this c ...

What is a Preposition?

A preposition is a part of speech, just like a noun or a verb. It connects a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence, showing us the relationship between them. On this worksheet students read ...

Verb Tenses: Present Perfect

The present perfect verb tense is the past participle tense used with the present tense of an auxiliary verb to have. In part 1 of this worksheet, students circle the present perfect verb tense in sen ...

Verb Tenses: Present Perfect Continuous

The present perfect continuous verb tense, sometimes called the present perfect progressive, is the present participle form of a verb used with has been or have been. In this activity, students circl ...

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