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Capitals of North America. World Geography Games

Do you know the name of each capital city shown on the map? Test yourself with this interactive map. You have to choose the right answer from a list with several possible options.Es un mapa de la cole ...

Most populous metropolitan areas in North and South America. Sporcle

Can you name the most populous metro areas in North and South America?

Most populous capitals in the world. Sporcle

Landmarks of the United States. Sporcle

Can you name the North American city by a photo of one of its landmarks?

Capitals of North America. Ilike2learn

Learn the North American country capitals with this map game.

Tourist destinations of Mexico. Lizard Point

Try to guess where each given tourist destination of Mexico is located on the map.

A River Doesn't Run Through It

Can you name these US and World cities that were not founded on a navigable river or significant body of water?

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

Italian Names for World Cities

Enter the English name for the cities listed.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

Mexico: Cities. Seterra

Would you know to locate the geographic items you are asked about? You must point out each exact location on the map.

Locate countries are: Acapulco, Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juárez, Culiacán, ...

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