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Instrumentos musicales para niños

Estos increíbles instrumentos puedes realizarlos en tu casa con objetos cotidianos. ¿Eres capaz de adivinar qué canción tocan al final?

Es un recurso de ExpCaserosKids

Los acordes musicales en el piano

Recurso para aprender a tocar los principales acordes y escalas musicales en el piano

Get Ready for British Science Week 2016: Activity pack 2

"This resource pack is aimed at supporting you during British Science Week, but can be used at any time of year. Feel free to adapt/extend the activities to suit your students’ needs and th ...

The Effect of Humidity and Temperature on Percussive Pitch

The purpose of this project is to quantify the effect of weather- in this case temperature and humidity- on musical instruments. All musicians know that the environment affects the tone of the instrum ...

Can most people tell if a singer sings from the diaphragm or from the throat?

Test if most of the general population can tell whether a singer is singing from their diaphragm or from their throat.It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the title of this res ...

How Much Time Does Technology Take?

This experiment will evaluate if people have an accurate perception of how much personal time they spend interacting with technology.It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the ti ...

The Music Behind Business: Does Tempo Affect Customer Behavior?

This project seeks to determine if the tempo of the background music we hear in a variety of businesses is important to the environment the business wants to create and if it is key in how their custo ...

Can Most People Recognize Tonal Differences?

Find out if most people can distinguish the difference between tones on a piano, a violin, and a guitar.It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the title of this resource, you wil ...

Is the Earworm Effect Real?

This experiment will explore the existence of earworms, songs that get stuck in your head. Are certain songs more apt to get stuck in someone’s head than others? How long does the earworm stick around ...

Efemérides musicales del mes de marzo

Mª Jesús Camino propone a sus alumnos una actividad después de la visualización del vídeo que ha compartido la profesora Ángeles Alonso.El vídeo muestra ...

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