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Cocodrilos: Un juego para segundo de primaria

Cocodrilos es un juego interactivo creado por para segundo de primaria que invita a descubrir a estos animales. Se puede jugar desde un móvil, tableta u ordenador. El juego est& ...

The Physicist Aptitude Test

Devise a questionnaire to determine a person's aptitude in the field of physics. The goals of this project are: To explore the thinking patterns of physicists. To discover new ways of mea ...

Testing For Starch

This science project will demonstrate how starches are converted to sugar during mastication and salivation.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you ...

Aiming True

Hipervinculo Física

Aiming True

Design the perfect arrow. The goals of this project are: To study the history and aerodynamics of arrows. To calculate an optimal arrow design. To invent a new or improved arrow design.It is an educat ...

Oxygen in Water: A Bubbly Science

It doesn't take a degree in chemistry to know that water is made up of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Sure, you're familiar with that famous formula, but did you know that some types of water can ...

A Fishy Memory

Hipervinculo Biología

A Fishy Memory

This project evaluates the abilities of goldfish to succeed at a task that requires the retention of learned behavior. The goal is to have the student develop a hypothesis about the ability of goldfis ...

Testing Glucose Levels

Determine which foods and drinks contain the most glucose. This can be helpful for people with diabetes so that they know which foods to eat when they experience low blood sugar symptoms.:It is an edu ...

Chemical Indicators

The goal of this experiment is to make different chemical indicators and use them to identify solutions containing vitamin C, starch or that have a high pH.Students will consider how analytical chemis ...

High Frequency Hearing Test

There’s a sound that is supposed to annoy teenagers and keep them from loitering in front of shops and stores. It’s called the Mosquito, and it’s supposed to be undetectable by adults. Take some volun ...

Testing the Ozone

This science project compares the amount of ozone in various locations.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirected to the content. I ...

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