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formatos disponibles

Family game (Oxford University Press)

Play and learn basic vocabulary of the topic "family"

The little post-office or My brothers and sisters a mother's offering (International Children's Digital Library)

This book tells the story of brothers and sisters who write to each other and includes their written correspondence.

It is an ebook from The International Children's Digital Library, a project of the I ...

Repas de famille

The user guesses the family member by suggesting letters that might be in the word.

Have you got any brothers or sisters?

In this unit we will be working with the full form of the verb "have got" by asking for and giving information about our families. We will also be able to give and ask for information using the verb ' ...

La famille de Nicolas

Using the family we are introduced to, the user will learn to understand and recognise family vocabulary, both orally and in writing.

Qui est-ce?

The user guesses one of the family vocabulary words from a riddle, and chooses the correct answer from four alternatives.

Où est ma soeur?

The user will learn to recognise and link together split words related to family members.

In this last unit, the user has to write an e-mail to their penpal using all the forms and vocabulary we have worked with in this sequence.

The user guesses the family member by suggesting letters that might be in the word.

Jeu du Pendu

The user will learn to recognise and link the names of family members and place them on a family tree.

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