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Time on a Wal? Basic

Norway is very far north and has enormous petroleum reserves. The geologic history of the region explains why and how these two things came to be.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to a ...

Shapes of world countries. Sporcle

Can you name the countries by their shapes?

Longest coastlines in the world. Sporcle

Can you name the countries with the longest coastlines?

Countries of Europe. Sporcle

Can you name all the countries of Europe? You have eight minutes to finish it.

Countries of Western Europe. Ilike2learn

Given the western european country, try to guess where it is located on the map.

Countries of Europe (easy). Ilike2learn

Try to guess where each given country of Europe is located on the map. This quiz omits the tiny European countries and most of the countries straddling the Asian/European border.

Countries of Europe (hard). Ilike2learn

Europe may not be as small as you once thought. Many European countries span across more than one continent. Some people believe these countries belong on the European map, while others may believe th ...

Counties of Norway. Lizard Point

Guess where each given county of Norway is located on the map.

European flags. Lizard Point

Try to locate on the map each given flag of Europe.

Countries of Europe. Lizard Point

Try to figure out where each given country of Europe is located on the map.

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