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Draw a Conclusion: Visual Details

Life is in the details! This worksheet shows your student three pictures, then asks questions about each one. The worksheet is great inference practice for middle school Common Core Standards for Read ...

What Is It?

These short paragraphs are full of clues for your student to use to draw conclusions. He’ll decide his answer for each paragraph, as well as list the clues he used. It’s compatible with Common Core St ...

Drawing Conclusions from Pictures

Can your student discover the answers to the questions just by looking at the picture? If he can, then he’s making good inferences! This worksheet is a good way to work on Common Core Standards for Re ...

What Conclusion Can You Make?

Does your student need some practice on drawing conclusions from text? Here’s a great worksheet with a series of sentences that give her that opportunity! Use it for 5th and 6th grade Common Core Stan ...

Drawing a Conclusion

In this fun worksheet, your student will decipher the clues in the text to reach the correct conclusion. He’ll also have to write the ending of the story. You’ll find this useful for Common Core Stand ...

Drawing a Conclusion

This worksheet features three situations. Your student will answer the questions based on the clues in the text. It’s a great way to practice inference, especially for 4th grade Common Core Standards ...

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