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Split Brain Research

Use a variety of sources to conduct research on the phenomenon of split brain surgery and the impact it had on current advances in the neurosciences. How are the two hemispheres of the brain different ...

Your Dominant Side

Determine which your dominant side is. Does this dominance extend to your arms, legs, hands, ears, eyes?It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the title of this resource, you wil ...

Brain Lateralization

On the information level, the student will be given a scenario, (see Illustrative Procedure) as a vehicle explore a variety of sources to assess and determine to what extent the two hemispheres of the ...

Human Brain Function

Determine how the human brain functions by constructing a model of our brain and identifying the basic structures and specific areas of specialization.It is an educational content by education.com.By ...

Central Nervous System, basi? At grade

Introduces the structures of the central nervous system, the brain, the spinal cord, and the three main parts of the brain: the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem. The brain consists of thr ...

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