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Color Vision Deficiencies in Human Subjects

See if male or female humans are more likely to exhibit some form of color blindness.The purpose of this experiment is to test human males and females to determine if one gender or the other is more l ...

A Trick for the Eyes: Color Wheels and Optical Illusion Tops

The human eye is comprised of two types of receptors: rods and cones. Cones allow us to see color and work well in bright light. Rods are used to see in low light. When a color wheel or optical illusi ...

Light & Color

Hipervinculo Física

Light & Color

Photography is an excellent way to learn the physics of light. Cameras have adjustable settings such as shutter speed, aperture diameter, and ISO speed to modify the way light enters the camera. Black ...

Exploring Optical Illusions: Color & Pointillism

French painter Georges Seurat was influenced by the science of color and perception, pioneering the painting technique known as pointillism. By using single points instead of long brush strokes pointi ...

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