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Using Collective Nouns

In this worksheet your student will fill in the blank in each sentence with the correct collective noun. It’s a great practice for Common Core Standards for 2nd grade Language, “Use collective nouns ( ...

Find the Collective Noun

Collective nouns denote a group of things. For example a group of lions is called a pride of lions; pride is the collective noun. In this worksheet your student will underline the collective noun in e ...

Create a Collective Noun

Collective nouns add spice to writing. In this worksheet your student is encouraged to be creative by inventing her own collective noun for a variety of objects. While it’s compatible with Common Core ...

Collective Nouns: Fill in the Blank

Is it a gaggle or a gang? Your student will answer this question as he completes each sentence with the correct collective noun. The worksheet is great as a practice for 2nd grade Common Core Standard ...

Collective Nouns: Animal Match

This worksheet has a zoo of collective nouns! Your student will select the correct collective noun for each animal. She can use the way the animal acts or looks as a hint. It’s a fun way to work on 2n ...

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