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Everything looks brighter after a cup of tea (CREST Awards)

You’re going to produce a leaflet entitled: “Everything looks brighter after a cup of tea – Fact or Fiction”. It will explain all the health risks and benefits of drinking tea. ...

Get Ready for British Science Week 2016: Activity pack 2

"This resource pack is aimed at supporting you during British Science Week, but can be used at any time of year. Feel free to adapt/extend the activities to suit your students’ needs and th ...

Picasso, Prepositions of place

This is a great activity for practicing or reviewing prepositions of place, specifically prepositions of location and direction. The class is divided into pairs and the worksheets are distributed. Ind ...

Blowing Up Balloons With CO2-Experiments for kids (Infla globos con Co2-Experimentos para niños)

Chemical reactions make for some great experiments. Make use of the carbon dioxide given off by a baking soda and lemon juice reaction by funnelling the gas through a soft drink bottle and in to your ...

Make a tornado in a bottle-Experiments for kids (Haz un tornado en una botella)

Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle with this fun science experiment for kids. Using easy to find items such as dish washing liquid, water, glitter and a bottle you can make your own mini tornado ...

Make a Big Dry Ice Bubble-Experiments for kids (Burbuja de Hielo-Experimento para niños)

Have fun making a dry ice bubble that will grow and grow as it fills with fog. This experiment is a great one for adults to do with kids. Add water to the dry ice, cover it with a layer of soapy water ...

Crickweb - free online education resources & games

Crickweb es una página inglesa con juegos/actividades de libre uso para los niños de edades comprendidas entre 3 y 11 años. Nos ofrece 16 juegos educativos divertidos en linea (en ...

Adjective and Noun Dominoes (Teach-This)

Here is a fun matching game for elementary students to practice adjective-noun combinations. The class is split into pairs. Each pair is then given a set of dominoes. Students take it in turns to put ...

Flashcard Maker

Generador de fichas en inglés, con variedad de vocabulario y dibujos



Resource Compilation (for all levels)

Directorio de recursos educativos de todo tipo y para todos los niveles de inglés.


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