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Herd Behavior

In this experiment we will demonstrate the "power of conformity" using situations where individuals must decide to either go with the crowd or with their gut.It is an educational content by education. ...

UV Radiation Protection

This project will look at how fabrics block UV radiation by examining how fabric thickness, tightness of weave, weight, type of fiber, and color influence the transmission of UV radiation. The goal is ...

How do Concave and Convex Objects Refract Light Differently?

This simple experiment will teach kids about convex/concave objects and how they reflect light. They will also learn the difference between concave and convex.It is an educational content by education ...

Is There an "A" in Chess?

Much is made about the positive effect of playing chess on cognitive abilities like critical thinking and pattern recognition. But is it really true that chess improves cognitive functioning? If so, i ...

Making Pictures With Dots

Determine how dots are used to make pictures.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirected to the content. If you want to download the ...

Washing Detergent & Hydrophobic Soil

This project evaluates the ability of a biodegradeable dish detergent to increase the penetration of water in hydrophobic soils.The goal is to have the student formulate and test a hypothesis about th ...

Are Designer Shampoos Worth It?

What are the differences between drugstore brand and expensive salon brand shampoos? Do you really get what you pay for? We will test these shampoos and examine hair structure under the microscope to ...

A Reasonable Estimate

Determine how proficient you are at making estimations and learn how to make more reasonable estimates.​It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you wil ...

E.T. Do Math

Hipervinculo Matemáticas

E.T. Do Math

No one knows for sure if intelligent extraterrestrial life exists or ever existed. But many believe intelligent beings live elsewhere, despite a complete lack of compelling physical evidence. Why do s ...

Which Exercise Gives Your Heart and Muscles the Best Workout?

This science project determines the differences between various bicep exercises, both in terms of how much muscle exertion they create and how they affect your heart rate.IntroductionIt is an educatio ...

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