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Sentence Diagramming: Object Complements

While a subject complement describes a subject, an object complement describes a direct object. Your student will diagram sentences with object complements in this worksheet. Whether as a practice for ...

Sentence Diagramming: Interjections

An interjection is a word or phrase that expresses the speaker’s emotion, a protest, or a command. In sentence diagramming, the direct address has no particular meaning to the sentence, so the interje ...

Sentence Diagramming: Intensive Pronouns

A intensive pronoun is a pronoun ending in -self or -selves that is used for emphasis in a sentence but has no other function. It can be removed from the sentence without changing the meaning. In sent ...

Sentence Diagramming: Infinitives

An infinitive is a verb form with the word to, such as to sing or to walk. An infintive can function in many ways in a sentence, including as an adjective, subject, or a complement. In sentence diagra ...

Sentence Diagramming: Helping Verbs

In this worksheet your student will diagram sentences with helping verbs, such as “am,” “is,” and “had.” It’s a great lesson on how helping verbs work in a sentence. Use it for Common Core Standards f ...

Sentence Diagramming: Compound Sentences

A compound sentence is really two sentences for the price of one period! By diagramming a compound sentence, your student will learn to easily recognize this common sentence stucture. Use it as a prac ...

Sentence Diagramming: Compound Subjects

How do you diagram a sentence with a compound subject? Here’s a worksheet to help your youngster learn how to do just that! It is a great practice for 3rd grade Common Core Standards for Language, alt ...

Sentence Diagramming: Compound Predicates

A compound predicate is one subject doing two actions in a sentence. Your student will diagram compound predicates in this worksheet and gain a better understanding of predicates. Compatible with Comm ...

Sentence Diagramming: Basic Practice

This sentence diagramming worksheet features some basic sentences as a practice for your student. There are adjectives, adverbs, and some prepositional phrases. There’s even a direct object thrown in! ...

Sentence Diagramming: Complex Sentences

Complex sentences feature an independent clause and a dependent clause. This worksheet on sentence diagramming asks your student to map out this sentence type. While many students will find this pract ...

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