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Water molecules are busy dancing around all the time. But the dance really gets interesting when you add heat to them.The hotter molecules get, the faster they move, turning from water to steam. And when liquid water turns to gas, not only do the molecules move really fast, but they get spaced so much farther apart that they generate pressure by pushing on everything they come into contact with. Take the heat away from that steam, and it becomes liquid water again. This is called condensation.Ever wonder where those little drops of water that form on the outside of your cold can of soda come from? That’s condensation! The cold aluminum can causes water vapor in the air to cool down and form tiny beads of water on the can’s surface. The molecules in these beads of water are grouped far more closely together than when they were in their gas phase. So, in an enclosed space, what kind of effect do you think condensation would have on pressure?

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