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Water, the major building block of life, sometimes has additives for health reasons. Hard wateris water that has a high amount of dissolved minerals, generally calcium carbonate or magnesium salts.This is not necessarily a bad thing—most water in our households has some degree of hardness. Water that is too hard often tastes weird to us, but so does completely soft water, because we are used to a certain amount of minerals in the water. Hard and soft water are both perfectly fine for our health.Hard water, however, can be an issue for some households and businesses because it requires more soap and detergent to produce bubbles or a lather. Hard water also leaves much more soap scum and grime than soft water. Businesses and industrial operations often monitor water hardness because the calcium and magnesium salts can sometimes build up in pipes and block water flow, and eventually cause corrosion.Find out what will happen as you add more Epsom salts to water.

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