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At the foundation of the model are the rigorous core-subject learning standards that are now well-established in most school districts. Depending on when they were last revised, your standards may also incorporate modern interdisciplinary concepts such as global awareness, and civic and financial literacy. These standards are the starting point for unit planning as educators determine how their students will learn and evidence their understandings of these essential concepts and skills. In evaluating different approaches, 21st century educators will seek those that simultaneously contribute to the students’ acquisition of lifelong learning skills such as self-direction, adaptability, and problem solving. These approaches are typically project- or problem-based. Likewise, the 21st century educator will identify if, how, and where learning technologies might facilitate or amplify the learning and ensure a modern context. This typically involves students controlling technology to access, analyze or create with information. This triangulation of standards, with learning skills and learning technologies leads to 21st century outcomes that are rigorous and relevant in nature. SchoolKiT's goals: To improve student achievement To help your staff develop expertise in standards-based lesson planning To see technology benefit student learning in every classroom SchoolKiT's products play a key role in districts that are effectively addressing these challenges.

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