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Great crustaceans! Does more or less salt in the water create super shrimp? Make your own seawater and discover how salt helps or hinders hatching.Brine shrimp are tiny crustaceans that live in salt water. This means that they’re related to crabs, lobsters, and other shrimp. However, brine shrimp are much smaller than other shrimp, and they make intriguing pets. In this experiment, you’ll see how different amounts of salt change the hatching rates of brine shrimp.The ocean and some lakes are salty, and this salt comes from the rocks in the water. You can’t see the salt in the water because it is dissolved, but it has a big impact on the creatures that can live in an environment. The amount (or concentration) of salt in the water is called salinity.Brine shrimp have an interesting life cycle. The adult shrimp lays cysts that contain baby shrimp. These cysts have a superpower: if conditions in the environment are bad, they will stay dormant for a while and wait until conditions improve before they hatch.

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