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An engine is a machine used to transform one kind of energy into another to produce work. In this project, we'll learn how to make a rubber band heat engine, a type of engine that converts thermal energy, or heat, into mechanical energy, or movement.Typically, things expand (get bigger) when heated, and contract (get smaller) when cooled. Have you ever heard creaking sounds in your room at night? These come from the floorboards contracting due to the drop in temperature that usually accompanies the sun going down.However, this rule doesn’t apply to rubber! The molecular structure of rubber is very complex: Imagine a bunch of molecules linked together in a “chain” that resist being stretched when pulled on. This “stretchiness” enables rubber to be used in erasers, bicycle tires, and bungee cords. However, this chain-like structure also causes rubber to behave rather unusually during temperature changes.

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