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The sprouting of seeds is called germination. A germinating seed has a baby plant, called an embryo, on its surface. This tiny living thing gets its nutrients from the cotyledon, which is the fleshy part of seed. The cotyledon may or may not be in two pieces. As the plant embryo matures, the downward growing part becomes the root system, whereas the upward growing part becomes the shoot system. The cotyledon sustains the baby plant until it bursts through the top of soil and starts using the sun to make its own food.Germination is an intricate process, and many factors, including lack of water or strong chemicals, can prevent it. Microwaves also can affect the germination of seeds. The microwaves emitted by a microwave oven are a form of radiant energy that fats and water in particular absorb. This absorbed energy can warm up your food, but what effect would it have on a radish seed? Would microwaving a seed help or hinder its growth?

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