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What is LuARca?

LuARca is a project to augment the reality of this Spanish location, showing visitors various points of interest that they can scan with their smart phones when around and learn more about the sites of this nice parroquia in the municipality of Valdés.


Who augments LuARca?

A group of B2 and C1 ESL students at the EOI who, together with their teacher, decide on the tourist sites to be turned into POIs and on which useful audiovisual information each POI will show.


How is LuARca augmented?

In several steps:

Step 1

Students’ assignments.

Choose the sites from LuARca to include in the Project.

Research for information about each site: historical, tourist, cultural information, pictures, illustrations, etc.

Draft an illustrated piece of writing for each chosen site.

Record podcast and video clips for each POI.

Store them in an online podcasting site, such as Ivoox, and upload them to a video channel such as YouTube.

Grab the corresponding URLs and the location of each POI.


Step 2

The teacher’s job.

Create API endpoint using Hoppala


Add overlay, and students’ augments.


Go to Layar and create a new layer.

Edit the layer, test and publish it.


Step 3

Overall results
Augmented Reality LuARca: a mobile tourist guide for visitors and locals in English.

The students involved and their teacher have an interactive walk around the augmented sites in a wonderful mobile experience using the Layar App. The Layer name is LuARca.


Augmented Reality LuARca Magazine: a brochure with interactive experiences.

An interactive printable brochure, not only for reading but also for interacting.


View it with Layar.

The pages in this brochure have been enriched with Layar and contain digital content that you can view using your smart phone.

How it works:

1. Download the free Layar app for iPhone or Android.

2. Look for pages with the Layar logo.

3. Open the Layar app, hold the phone above the page and tap to scan it.

4. Hold your phone above the page to view the interactive content.

Este recurso fué publicado originalmente en la comunidad ineveryCREA: la comunidad de la creatividad educativa.

Fecha publicación: 21.1.2013

Se respeta la licencia original del recurso.



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Laureado espacio (Premio mejor iniciativa TIC 2012)de la  Escuela oficial de Idiomas de Luarca que, además de los contenidos de Realidad Aumentada que se detallan, contiene ejercicios on line, actividades de consolidación, explicaciones gramaticales, vocabulario,....
Gracias Mª Jesús por compartir vuestros contenidos y experiencias en Didactalia.

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