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I chose to study Horseshoe Crabs in May of 2001 after listening to a scientist from DNR talk about the subject of raising Horseshoe Crabs. Then I talked to my science teacher and he said he would allow me to set up a few tanks in his classroom. From there, I was privileged enough to go on a spawning survey. My science teacher, my mother, and I went with a young DNR employee to count the number of Horseshoe Crabs spawning on a beach. After that, I was ready to start cultivating. I set-up seven tanks that would hold my Horseshoe Crabs. I received at least a thousand Horseshoe Crabs from the DNR scientist. I was ready to begin! In the beginning, this project concerned only one . That was, what population density would maximize the growth of juvenile Horseshoe Crabs. I set up seven tanks with different amounts of Horseshoe Crabs in each one; two had 50, two had 100, and two had 200. Then I had another tank that was the nursery, all the extra Horseshoe Crabs went in there. Once a week I took water quality tests on all seven tanks and twice a week I fed them. What population density maximizes the growth of juvenile limulus polyphemus? Why did the limulus polyphemus die? How much do limulus polyphemus grow in a five month period of time?

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Mapa Conceptual: Horseshoe Crab Density

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