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A hurricane, also called a typhoon or cyclone, is a common name for a tropical cyclone, which is a spinning storm system originating over water having wind speeds of over 118 km/hour or 73 miles/hour! The storms are known for their low pressures and spiral shape, and they most often form over warmer waters and bring heavy rains.If you look up some pictures of weather systems online, you can see the characteristic “eye” shape of these storms. This is due to the Corilois Effect, which is the deflecting of objects (in this case, air)when considered in a rotating frame of reference, like the spin of the Earth. Gaspard-Gustave corilois developed a mathematical model for this type of force in 1835 when studying water wheels.What will happen as you try to draw a straight line from the center of the Lazy Susan while it is spinning?

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