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Camouflage occurs everywhere in the natural world, but animal camouflage is an especially interesting phenomenon. In this amazing world, animal camouflage is carried out in many ways: in color patterns, modifications in their exoskeletons, variations in their skins and outer coverings; even mimicking objects in order to outfox their prey and to survive. Since living things live in differing environments or habitats, they adapt and survive by attempting to blend into these environments and are less of a target for their predators, namely their enemies. For example, katydids live in green, leafy trees. They have adapted by having a green body shaped like a leaf, very hard to detect. Chameleons have the ability to change their colors so that they blend into their habitats and thereby become invisible. Soldiers who have fought in jungle areas have been provided with clothes that blend in with the trees, shrubbery and wild life so that they become invisible. Survival is the goal.On the information level, this project will acquaint students with basic knowledge on the processes of adaptation and camouflage in animals and how these processes have served a variety of living organisms both plants and animals in their quest for survival.This project should demonstrate how effective the camouflage game is. Can we hide and not be found? How effective is camouflage in ensuring the survival of living things

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Fecha publicación: 12.5.2016

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