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Hipervinculo Tecnología


A magnetometer measures the strength and direction of magnetic fields. Its uses include detecting things submerged underground like archeological sites, shipwrecks and buried metal objects. It is also ...

Repurposed Designs

Repurposing, also known as adaptive reuse, is the use of products and for purposes other than originally intended. Examples include worn out tires fashioned into furniture, candy wrappers turned into ...

Balloon Rocketry

Rockets work by way of jet propulsion. The principle behind it is based on Newton's Third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When a rocket blows out gas at high s ...

Resurecting Rube

Rube Goldberg can be thought of as the Ogden Nash of Mechanical Engineering. His signature pieces are preposterously overworked mechanical contraptions designed to perform an extraordinarily simple ta ...

Rocket Nose Cone Science

This experiment tested what type of nose cone attached to a water rocket would allow the rocket to stay in the air for the longest period of time. I used three different types of nose cones. These typ ...

Spiral Architect

The basic form of a snail shell has many interesting features.The spiraling interior is well insulated, and it seems to contain a lot of volume in a relatively small dimensional space.There are no cor ...

Trashtown Junktion

This project attempts to design a town entirely from recycled by discovering new ways to use recycled and to encourage new, evironmentally-friendly architectural design ideas.It is an educational co ...

Paper Power

Hipervinculo Tecnología

Paper Power

Out of batteries?That’s OK.Now you can print out fresh ones!Well…maybe not quite yet.For those unfamiliar with this exciting new technology, it’s hard to even imagine a working, rechargeable battery t ...

Lighthouse Redesign

This project explores new uses for an old lighthouse. The goals of this project are: To develop a modern interior lighthouse design. To further encourage lighthouse preservation and restoration.It is ...

Powered Parachutes

A powered parachute can best be described as a flying go-kart.How cool is that?But powered parachutes are more than just an exciting way to see the world.They have other important uses as well.But cer ...

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