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Didactalia: material educativo > Química

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Estequiometria: Ejercicio Resuelto - Combustión butano

Ejercicio Resuelto Reacción Química: Combustión Butano.

Ejemplo de como resolver un problema de estequiometria tipo. Combustión de butano.

- Como ajustar una reacción ...

ejercicios química orgánica (educarchile)

A continuación podrás acceder a un documento con diversos ejercicios acerca de química orgánica. 

Química orgánica es un contenido didáctico p ...

Ejercicios química orgánica (IES Atenea)

En la web del instituto Atenea se nos ofrece una gran selección de ejercicios de formulación y nomenclatura de Química Orgánica con soluciones.

Estequimetria básica en 6 pasos

CONCEPTOS BÁSICOS DE ESTEQUIOMETRIA:Estequiometria desde el punto de vista de alguien que se le da mejor la física

Nota del autor.

Soy consciente de que inicialmente Avogadro planteo el co ...

Dyeing Fabric: Mordants, Bleach, and Colorfastness

Have you ever noticed that sometimes certain shirts and jeans, especially when they are navy blue or black, tend to look duller after they’ve been laundered a few times?The term colorfastness describe ...

Forensic Iodine Fuming

Iodine fuming is one of the oldest forensic techniques used to develop latent fingerprints but it is also one of the easiest. Students will learn how to fume iodine crystals that are readily available ...

Soda Geyser

Hipervinculo Química

Soda Geyser

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is present in the air we breath and in the carbonated soda we drink. In soda, the carbon dioxide gas (CO2 ) has been dissolved, a process called carbonation that results in soda's ...

Will Refrigerating Cosmetics Extend Their Longevity?

Find out whether refrigerating cosmetics will extend their shelflife and longevity.Research QuestionsIt is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will b ...

Chemical Energy in a Bottle

hemical energy is a form of potential energy stored in matter when atoms join together to form chemical compounds. It can be released when matter undergoes a chemical change. The food that you eat pro ...

Don't Get Soap in Your Eye!

The project looks for a correlation between the pH values of commercial soaps and detergents and manufacturer claims about their potentials to cause eye irritation. The goal is to have the student for ...

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