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Adjective and Noun Dominoes (Teach-This)

Here is a fun matching game for elementary students to practice adjective-noun combinations. The class is split into pairs. Each pair is then given a set of dominoes. Students take it in turns to put ...

Resource Compilation (for all levels)

Directorio de recursos educativos de todo tipo y para todos los niveles de inglés.


Writing with Commonly Confused Words

Recognizing a word is one thing; writing with it is another. This worksheet asks your student to write sentences using words that are often confused with each other. Students practice correct word usa ...

Writing Practice: Quotation Marks

Now it’s time to write those quotation sentences! Your student is given instructions for each sentence she is to write. As a practice for Common Core Standards for Language for 9th and 10th grade or a ...

Word Pairs: Choose the Correct Word

This worksheet features some more advanced commonly confused words, like gambit and gamut. In it your student will select the correct word to complete the sentence. Students practice with the followin ...

What Kind of Dependent Clause Is It?

Clauses, clauses, clauses: so many types! This worksheet is all about identifying the type of dependent clause used in a sentence. It’s useful for Common Core Standards for 9th and 10th grade Language ...

Using the Colon

There are a variety of ways a colon may be used in a sentence, such as with a list or with a quotation. This worksheet features different sentences for your student to rewrite using a colon. Use it wi ...

Semicolons and Commas with Conjunctive Adverbs

Conjunctive adverbs may sound complicated; however, they are simply words like “therefore,” “certainly,” and “indeed.” This special type of adverb requires a semicolon before it and a comma after. In ...

Semi-Colons and Independent Clauses

An independent clause has a subject and predicate. It needs to be separated from another independent clause by a semi-colon. This worksheet gives your student practice in adding that punctuation mark ...

Semicolon and Independent Clauses

Semicolons may be used to separate independent clauses instead of a comma and coordinating conjunction. In this worksheet your student will rewrite sentences using a semicolon. Use it as a way to prac ...

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